Hearing staff involved in sign language training in Myanmar

September 7, 2012

Ogawa Mitsuko-san has undertaken the sign language instructor/interpreter training project in Myanmar since five years ago.

In Myanmar, Deaf people have a difficult time in social participation, because there is no person able to interpret the sign language, and mutual communication between the Deaf and hearing persons does not often work, either.

Then, Japan International Cooperation Agency started support and dispatched its staff Ogawa-san to Myanmar. She has been advancing activity so that the social participation of the Deaf persons can be carried out.

Ogawa-san said when she was in Myanmar at the beginning, the Deaf persons were unable to take communication with even their family.

Then, she made the singed conversation collection. "I began from the place which I collected the data of signs, analyzed them, photographed each sign, and traced it on a sheet one by one."

The number became 850 sheets of signs for the collection, which helped the Deaf and hearing people communicate better for the first time.

"I want the sign language instructors in Myanmar who are learning now to become a leader who goes to the place where support to Deaf persons is not prudent."

In Myanmar, the first sign language interpreter is going to be born next year.

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