Hearing picture-story writer tells about his visit to the school for the Deaf

The picture-story about the Deaf children
"Hear the Heart of Fourteen Deaf Children"
September 26, 2012

With soft and warm touch of painting, Tsuchida Yoshiharu-san writes the picture-book in which a lovely child and animal appear.

He is continuing to exchange with the children who live in Yamagata Prefecture where he has made his home, for years. He has written many books based on Yamagata as the stage.

The picture-book series titled "Hear the Heart of Fourteen Deaf Children" (3 volumes, published by PHP Institute Office in 2002) is based on the children of the Yamagata Prefecture Sakata School for the Deaf.

The author was taken by the principal of the elementary school, one of his acquaintances to the Sakata School where the principal worked before. It was also the first time for the author to visit a school for the Deaf.

Tsuchida-san said,  "The teachers were very eager, and I was deeply impressed with a family-like atmosphere and the close relation between the Deaf children and the teachers."

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