Disaster manual for the Deaf community developed

August 29, 2012

The interested organizations in Kure-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture are working on a manual on how a Deaf person and a supporter should act and cope when disaster occurs.

It is the activity which responded to that some Deaf persons died since audio information failed them in the Great East Japan Earthquake.

About 200 copies for the Deaf community and about 1000 copies for welfare commissioners or supporters will be published for distributing by February next year, respectively.

The notes at the time of a disaster are described for the Deaf persons, and an urgent conversation card is also attached in the manual.

For those supporters, the manual also includes the method of writing, or sign language explained in addition to the issues a Deaf person is expected to face at the time of a disaster.

The mortality rate of the Deaf person of the Great East Japan Earthquake is supposed to be twice the whole mortality rate.

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