Deaf persons participate in a comprehensive disaster-preparedness drill


September 2, 2012

On September 1, a "national disaster drill day," Hiroshima Prefecture and Fukuyama city, etc. performed the comprehensive disaster-preparedness drill in the dry riverbed of the Ashida River.

Sixteen Deaf group members for the first time participated in the event.

On the assumption that magnitude 9.0 which is the "Nankai Trough" is expected to hit the city, and the tsunami of 3.3 meters in height comes, a shelter was set up at the elementary school.

In the shelter, people gathered one after another, and distributed emergency assistance goods, cooked rice, etc. which were provided.

The Deaf members put and showed the panel written "I am injured", "Please call for emergency", etc. at the entrance of the shelter, conveying the situation smoothly.

One of the Deaf participants said, "there is a case where a Deaf person does not notice disaster radio but refuge is overdue. We want the local administration to also examine the mechanism of directing an evacuation order with more visible information."

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