Deaf man expresses a song in sign language

September 25, 2012

Hirahara Keisuke-san (36), the Deaf man who lives in Saga Prefecture in the southern island of Japan, is tackling the "sign language song."

He translates a song into sign language so that it may be easy to transmit the meaning of words rather than expresses the words directly.

"Those who do not know sign language will even enjoy the song in sign language with music. I hope people learn the fun of sign language."

Hirahara-san went to the Saga Prefecture School for the Deaf in Saga City at the beginning. Later, in order to learn how to speak Japanese, he attended the hearing elementary school in his hometown.

After he graduated from the hearing high school, he was spoken to by the Deaf man in the same class by sign language while studying printing technique in the industrial training school in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Hirahara-san hardly used sign language till then. Talking with the hearing people using the spoken language, he had "always felt teased," but know he has come to be happy with the signed communication.

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