City forgets using emergency texting system for evacuation preparation due to heavy rain

August 24, 2012

Heavy rain hit every place in Hiroshima Prefecture under the influence of an active seasonal rain front on July 6-7.

Hiroshima Prefecture Office warned the local communities to watch landslide disaster. Seven houses were at flood under a floor, and 29 places were damaged as a mudslide, etc.

Although the Fukuyama City in the prefecture warned about 1,000 households for evacuation preparation at 4:30 a.m. on July 7, they forgot the texting delivery of disaster prevention, which became clear by a Deaf organization.

There was reportedly no damage caused by evacuation delay. The city risk management disaster prevention division said that the adjustment of connection was insufficient. "We will try not to make such a mistake again by making the check list for information dissemination from now on."

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