Support center for the Deaf and Prefecture Police arrange to dispatch sign language interpreters

August 02, 2012

The Mie Prefecture Police and the Mie Prefecture Support Center for the Deaf which train a sign language interpreter, etc. made the agreement about a sign language interpreting service, and held the signing ceremony on August 1.

This is the first time that a support center for the Deaf makes an agreement with a chief constable in the whole country.

According to explanation of the Prefecture Police investigative planning division, etc., when a Deaf person is involved in an incident or an accident on night or a holiday, the center responds to the police's request in the prefecture by sending some of 65 sign language interpreters registered with the center.

Until this day, the prefecture and each self-governing body in the prefecture had dispatched the sign language interpreter only during weekdays and the day time.

Also the police had corresponded with the Deaf by writing, etc., resulting in the poor communication in many cases.

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