Nippon Foundation supports the deaf scholarship student in Kenya with a follow-up enterprise

August 11, 2012

Nippon Foundation has started support to Deaf students from developing countries who study at Gallaudet University since 2003 through its leadership scholarship, the "World Deaf Leadership Scholarship."

Although the students are expected to contribute to development of the deaf community of their own country after graduation taking advantage of the knowledge and experience which they obtained, what awaits them after a homecoming is a thick wall which obstructs social participation, and they are even unable to making their living, either.

So, in order to make it possible for the Deaf scholarship fellow to return the knowledge which he/she would acquired and experience to the deaf community in his/her own country, Nippon Foundation undertakes a follow-up enterprise with the fellow.

Nixon Kakiri who was the first student to receive the scholarship was chosen for the beginning of this enterprise. The foundation will support the activity of the Kenya National Association of the Deaf to which Nixon belongs as follows.

- The spread of Kenya Sign Language and awareness of Deaf culture

- The pamphlet/poster about KSL and Deaf culture to be made for distribution

- Implementation of training for educational professionals concerning the spread of KSL and bilingual education

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