Deaf student wins a two-year straight top prize with vocational skills contest

August 15, 2012

Sakamoto Madoka-san, a high school senior of the Aichi Prefecture Toyohashi School for the Deaf, won the top prize in the word processor session at the 34th prefecture vocational skills contest for persons with disabilities held in Ichinomiya-cho in the prefecture.

She will participate in the national contest scheduled to be held in Nagano Prefecture in October.

The prefecture contest had 16 categories, such as dressmaking, an electronic device assembly, construction and engineering, and tea drinking service, etc. Sakamoto-san competed in the word processor session through the use of computer with other 18 contestants, the largest participants ever recorded.

She, who stated going to the personal computer school when she was a third grader, won the top prize for two consecutive years.

Since a national contest was not held in last year, she decided to participate in the contest this year, saying "I want to compete with friends from across the country."

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