Deaf student wins the second prize at the Music Contest in Nara Prefecture

Ayagaki Aoi-san signs her own song "Something to Protect" (the third person from the right).

August 14, 2012

The work titled "Something to Protect" by Ayagaki Aoi-san, a high school senior of the Kumamoto School for the Deaf in Kumamoto Prefecture, accepted in the poem category of the "Music Festival," held in the end of July in Nara Prefecture this year. The festival is held annually to present works by persons with disabilities.

Ayagaki-san's work progressed to the contest, and won with the second Grand Prix prize from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

On August 17, the contest winners including Ayagaki-san will perform with their music work.

Aoi-san's winning a contest continued for two years. She wanted to sing the song "Something to Protect" in sign language at the contest, so she memorized the rhythm, checking repeatedly the video of Machiya Rie-san who would sing the song, and repeated practice by the motion of a mouth, etc.

Machiya-san encouraged Ayagaki-san, saying "I will sing as your voice, so for you, you express the song by sign language thoroughly" before they appeared in front of the audience. Ayagaki-san was able to sign the song calmly.

She said, "Even though you are Deaf, you can enjoy the music. One of the most things I want is to show this song to Deaf people or those who feel conflict in using sign language."

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