50th anniversary meeting after the death of Miura Hiroshi, a past great Deaf leader

Although Miura Hiroshi was one of the great leaders of the Deaf community, fewer people know him; Miura is forgotten away completely nowadays.

He was born in 1886 in the poor village in Akita Prefecture came up to Tokyo in September, 1900, and achieved entrance to the Tokyo School for the Blind and Deaf-Mute at last when he was about 14 years old.

The manual communication was at best days in the education of the Deaf then. He enjoyed the education fully, graduated from the teacher training department of the school with honors in 1906, and became a teacher that he had desired for.

Miura used a real "sign language," which means he signed without using spoken Japanese, even without Japanese mouthing, etc. He was excellent also in writing and used written Japanese positively.

Moreover, Miura made efforts for the improvement in a status of a Deaf-Mute person, enlightenment about the Deaf community, welfare of the Deaf, etc.; he established the Tokyo Deaf-Mute Club and the Japanese Association of the Deaf-Mute (currently the Japanese Federation of the Deaf), helped in founding an association in every place in the country, gave many lectures, good advices, etc.

In celebrating the 50th anniversary from Miura Hiroshi's death this year, the Kanto Deaf History Study Group based in Tokyo proudly presents its special meeting in Tokyo to offer the opportunity to learn what a "Deaf person" and "sign language" means on September 22, 2012, sponsored by Japanese Deaf History Association, Japanese Association of Sign Linguistics, and University of Tsukuba School for the Deaf Alumni Association.

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