Town assembly considers to start sign-language interpreting for sessions
June 29, 2012

The Ninomiya Town Assembly in the Kanagawa Prefecture with a televising steering committee has started considering towards offering sign-language interpreting.

The sign-language interpreting will be available for only general discussions, and if everything goes smoothly, it will be also available in the parliamentary general session in September.

In the past, when the introduction of parliamentary live telecast was considered, the town assembly also considered to include sign-language interpreting.

However, since a budget was too much in respect of equipment --- there was the necessity of a new camera for exclusive use such like a case of TV program with sign-language interpreting, the idea was given up.

As a result of consultation with the Shonan Cable Network which is working on the parliamentary live telecast, there was possible technology on a low budget and it appeared possible this time.

Even if it does not need the camera only for a sign language interpreter, it will be possible by using one of three cameras currently set in the present assembly hall.

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