Teachers from Paris visits School for the Deaf in Japan

A group of French teachers meets with the faculty from Tsukuba University of Technology
(photo: http://www.deaf-s.tsukuba.ac.jp/topics2012/Paris20120713.htm
In the University of Tsukuba School for the Deaf in Chiba Prefecture (up)
(photo: http://www.deaf-s.tsukuba.ac.jp/topics2012/Paris20120710.htm

July 9, 2012

Three teachers of the National Paris School for the Deaf, well known as the first school for the deaf in the world in 1760, visited the University of Tsukuba School for the Deaf in Chiba Prefecture from July 9 for one week.

Both the schools have signed the memorandum as a sister school in 2003. The Parisian teachers observed the class lessons and the facilities eagerly. They also visited energetically not only the University of Tsukuba, but also Tsukuba University of Technology, both located in Ibaraki Prefecture, and the Chiba Prefecture Chiba School for the Deaf, etc. during stay.

On the final day, the School for the Deaf connected the Paris School through the Internet using Skype, and the image and its sound were comparatively clear in spite of the time difference of 7 hours.

The exchange program which uses Skype appeared possible. The visit of the French teachers promoted the idea of the student exchange program to be carried out from next year, including the concrete schedule.


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