Teacher and student, both Deaf, to participate in World Deaf Athletic Championship in Canada

July 8, 2012

Takehana Kotaro-san (25), a Deaf teacher, and Suzuki Masaya-kun (16), a high school student at the Yokosuka Municipal School for the Deaf, will join the pole vault game in the 2nd World Deaf Athletic Championship in Toronto, Canada on July 14-21, 2012.

Takehana-san won the first prize in the pole vault game in the 1st World Championship held in Izmir, Turkey in September, 2008.

He made the best record of 4.40 meters high in the 8th Japanese Deaf Athletic Championship held in May, 2011, and was qualified to be on the national team.

Suzuki-kun joined the athletic club at the school and was good at the high jump. He was placed as the 2nd at the national championship held in autumn, 2011. Later Kakehana-san advised him to turn to the pole vault.

They both have been engaged in the muscle training, etc. for 2 hours every day and jump once a week.

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