Sign language lounge changed to a girl's bar for more communication

The female employee talks with the regular customer in sign language over a counter.

July 4, 2012

The shop called "The Sign Language Lounge - Your Hands" was relocated in Yushima, Tokyo and renewed, opening on June 1.

Sato Ikuo-san who owns the shop has been fascinated with the loveliness of the Deaf woman using sign language in the drama "Your Hands Whisper."

In the shop which he has opened in October, 2010, the visitors can enjoy communication in  sign language, drinking alcohol with a female employee who is Deaf, hard of hearing or hearing.

The new shop with 14 seats is located from the first store which Sato-san operated till May about only 50 meters away.

The way that the employee sat down next to the visitor at table changed to the way they talk over a counter. According to Sato-san, there were many people who came alone, which required a trouble to allocate an employee to each table, so we changed to the new way to take more communication for both the single person and our employee, which we call 'The Girls' Bar'."

"Of course, the concept that regardless of hearing, all people enjoy conversation with a female employee in sign language remains the same at our shop."

If you visit the shop by 24:00, the price is 5,000 yen for man and 3,000 yen for woman for 2 hours.

Business hours: 20:00 - 4:00 next day.
Closed on weekends and national holidays.

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