Hearing American visits Deaf school in Kagawa Prefecture

July 18, 2012

In order to deepen an understanding to foreign culture, the students of the Prefecture School for the Deaf learned American Sign Language and culture from the hearing American on July 18.

The school located at Takamatsu-shi in the prefecture invites a foreign lecturer for the Deaf students as a part of the cultural program every year.

Mr. Christopher McCabe from the United States, who works for the Kagawa Prefecture Government as Coordinator for International Relations, visited the school, and introduced his home state Colorado, etc. to ten junior high school students, using the slide.

Then, he introduced the American Sign Language (ASL) showing the name of an animal or a color, and the students pronounced English following Mr. McCabe back, and practiced ASL.

After the lecture, one of the students said, "Although ASL was difficult, I enjoyed the game with Mr. McCabe because it was easy to memorize."

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