Dog found in an isolated town in Fukushima trained as a hearing dog

July 11, 2012

Okuma-cho in Fukushima Prefecture has been an evacuation directive zone as well as an alert zone because of the first nuclear power plant disaster of Tokyo Electric Power since March, 2011, which had forced all the town people to refuge. 

The crossbred male dog born and protected in the town is currently trained as a hearing dog in Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture.

President Haruko Matsuda of the Non Profit Organization "The Hearing Dog Training Society" said that the dog named Fuku was gentle and friendly. "He will be a good hearing dog as he responds well."

The corporation "UKC Japan" which continues the protection activities of  dogs in a stricken area protected a total of a father, a mother, and five puppies including Fuku in October, 2011 in the woods far away from the central part of Okuma-cho.

The little dog Fuku was just about 40 days old when found after the Okuma-cho became a ghost town, so he had not caught a sight of people. He was frightened at the UKC member at the time of protection. Since then, he was waiting to find a new owner in the UKC dog kennel.

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