Deaf high school girl to attend baseball game opening ceremony

July 11, 2012

The 94th National High School Baseball Championship Yamagata convention (sponsored by Asahi Shimbun Publishing, and Prefecture High School Baseball League) will open in the Yamagata Prefecture baseball field on July 12.

The baseball teams from 54 schools within the prefecture will unfold the severe fight to the final on July 25 aiming at Koshien, Hyogo Prefecture where the National High School Baseball Championship will take place.

The female students who have worked for a baseball team as a manager also play an important role at the opening ceremony.

At the ceremony, two managers announce their team and introduce it while the teammates make the entrance march .

One of the managers is Takahashi Hazuki (17), a high school senior with a hearing-aid on both ears.

Takahashi-san went on to the Tateoka High School from the Prefecture Yamagata School for the Deaf. She was invited by a friend and became a manager of the baseball team.

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