Bandanna and SOS card for Deaf person at the time of a disaster to be made for distribution

The bandanna (left) and SOS card

July 15, 2012

As a part of disaster prevention measures for the Deaf community, the Ehime Prefecture sign language circles council is producing the bandanna and foldaway SOS card which tell that the carrier is Deaf at the time of a disaster, etc.

A 56-square-cm bandanna made of purple-and-pink colored cloth, has printed text messages such as "I am Deaf," "I can sign," "ILY" sign, etc. Deaf persons or signers put the bandanna on to show the carrier needs help or can sign at a a glance.

The SOS card made of thick paper shows nine cases, such as "please show an evacuation area," "what did the broadcast say now?" etc., with the text   and the illustration for each case.

When folded up, the card will be 7 cm long and 5.3 cm wide, and can be put into a pocket and carried.

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