New program for Deaf preschoolers opens in Niigata Prefecture

The Deaf young children attend the new class activity with their parents.

May 31, 2012

In the Niigata Prefecture Joetsu area which did not have the preschool program for Deaf children until now, the Takada preschool program under the Prefecture Nagaoka School for the Deaf was opened in Joetsu city.

The lesson has begun in May for five Deaf children from Joetsu city including two children who had attended the Nagaoka School in the last fiscal year.

The burden of these two children and their parents for commuting between Joetsu and Nagaoka cities decreased, and the children looked fine after coming home.

It took about one hour and a half by car from Joetsu to Nagaoka. Because of heavy snow during winter, the young children and their parents had to stay in the Nagaoka School for the Deaf dormitory to attend the preschool program.

The Takada preschool program aims at becoming an institution which supports the young children and their parents in the Joetsu regardless of a child's age or the degree of the disability in the future.

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Raquel Fonollosa said...

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I am very much impressed by this news about sign language cafe (nada ward)and would like to visit the same. I will be really greatful to you if you can provide me with the contact details at my email raquelfonollosa@gmail
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Deaf Japan Network said...

In response to your question, try to contact: TEL 078-362-5250, FAX 078-362-5270. Or you can fill in the inquiry form on