New book on the Deaf as a linguistic minority published


A new book titled "'Multicultural Coexistence' as seen from the Deaf persons: Another linguistic minority" (2,520 yen, 354 pages) was published by the Coco Publisher Company on June 10, 2012.

This book clarifies existence of the Deaf people as a linguistic/cultural minority and their issues from a point of view related to "sign language."

"The Deaf Culture Declaration" (1995) which stated aloud existence of the Deaf people as a linguistic minority shocked the majority in Japan.

However, the statement prevails still that sign language is an imperfect language and that a Deaf person is seen to be reformed or in need of medical treatment.

The evident testimonies by Deaf persons and the parties concerned, such as the family and coda, throws the clear picture of their distress with the statement.

Each article by the specialists in the field of law, language, and education, shows that Japanese Sign Language is one of the languages in Japanese society, and that the Deaf children must be provided with the bilingual education with Japanese Sign Language as the first language and written Japanese as the second language for social participation.

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