Information booklet produced on medical accessibility

The booklet in which the measures for clients with disabilities taken by the hospitals were summarized.

June 21, 2012

The Igasa District Conference on support independence of persons with disabilities, consisted of five locally governing bodies and welfare organizations, etc. in Okayama Prefecture, made 3000 copies of booklet titled "The Hospital Information for Persons with Disabilities" (40 pages and A4 size).

The booklet summarized the measures taken for the clients with disabilities by the 143 hospitals and medical institutions in the district.

Basic information, such as an address, a telephone number, consultation hours of each hospital and medical institution, is included in the booklet.

Also information is added about 11 items, such as the parking lot and a toilet for patients with disabilities, a slope, a medical examination for a person with wheelchair, consultation by sign language or writing.

According to the Conference, the person with disability and the guardian are not sure if they can get a medical examination without any problem, etc. There is a case that even illness isn't serious, they tend to go to the hospital in the long distance where they have gotten used. 

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