First use of iPad for extracurricular study by Deaf students

The student (center) questions the staff (right) at the Prefecture Buried Cultural Property Investigation Center using iPad.
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May 30, 2012

In order to advance Deaf students' study effectively, the Kagawa Prefecture School for the Deaf provided its students with the portable multifunction terminal "iPad" for their extracurricular study at the ruins near the school located in Takamatsu-shi for the first time on May 30.

The extracurricular study with the use of iPad is a part of research on the instruction method using new information devices and equipment which the school, the University of Tokyo, etc. have tackled since the 2011 fiscal year.

Six junior high students participated in the program at the Buried Cultural Property Investigation Center. At the ruins, while the staff showed them the pictures on iPad, explained the about-1400-year-old ruins, a lifestyle, etc.

The students made use of iPad, such as taking pictures of the marks of the unearthed hearth, writing a question and communicating with the staff in writing.

Some of the students commented on the program; "I was able to compare the pictures on the iPad screen and the real one, so I understood very well how the life of people of those days", "it was convenient for me to use iPad even outside the school."

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