Fashion show to promote understanding of hearing aid

June 6, 2012

The fashion show with people with hearing aids was opened in Tokyo in order to remove the resistance against a hearing-aid and enjoy it as part of a fashion. Eleven aged from the twenties to 80's appeared as a model.

Among them, the male appeared in the uniform of the rugby team to which he belongs and made a pose following narration and music. His experience was introduced that he uses a hearing-aid after practice and enjoy conversation with his teammates about the practice, etc. 

Moreover, the woman who is enjoying the hearing-aid colorfully decorated and designed showed herself on a catwalk stage.

The woman aged 27 who has used a hearing aid since two years ago said, "When I first used it I felt shameful and tried to hide it under the hair. I hope people feel free with the use of a hearing aid like glasses."

The organization which sponsored the event explained,  "Those who use a hearing-aid are twenty or less percent of those whose hearing is losing without a hearing aid. We hope the event will promote understanding to a hearing-aid."

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Rebecca Kavel said...

Having a fashion show where models gracefully walk on the stage while wearing a hearing aid is a cool thing. It can help people realize that wearing a hearing aid is not just a tool, but also a part of modern fashion. There is nothing awkward in wearing it. People can still wear a hearing aid and look very stylish!

Rebecca Kavel