English-captioned video about stricken areas starts on YouTube

June 07, 2012

The Ministry of Internal Affairs Hokuriku Communications Bureau and the East Japan Reconstruction Assistance Consortium made the video subtitled in English and started posting on YouTube in order to advertise the Minamisoma* Channel, which was posted in Japanese, to the world.

The video titled "Minamisoma Channel" was made originally for connecting disaster victims with their hometowns. It was recently subtitled in English to appeal for support and cooperation with the decision at realization of the "East Japan Reconstruction Channel." (link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cmfwkfEq6c)

After holding the organization meeting of an East Japan Reconstruction Assistance Consortium on April 12, it is said that there are many inquiries and consultations from the self-governing bodies in disaster-stricken areas which need support, and companies concerned to offer support.

It is expected that such a movement will be developed by the publicity work through YouTube.

Japanese original article:

*Minamisoma is one of the counties located north from the Fukushima nuclear plant station in Fukushima Prefecture.

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