Elementary school students present "fireflies" to Deaf students

The elementary school student (left) hands the case containing fireflies. 
(photo: http://www.oita-press.co.jp/)

June 16, 2012

A group of 26 sixth graders of the Taketa Elementary School located in Taketa-shi, Oita Prefecture visited a residential facility for Deaf children and children with visual impairment respectively located in Higashi-Omichi, Oita-shi, and presented about 600 "fireflies" caught on June 16.

At the 60th traditional event, the children from the Taketa Elementary School handed the case containing the fireflies. A leader of the group said with sign language, "Have been looking forward to getting you to be glad, we all caught the fireflies."

Inokuchi Shuhei (18) , a senior high school student of the Prefecture School for the Deaf, promised that the Deaf students will breed fireflies carefully. "We would like to continue the firefly exchange program from now on."

The presented fireflies are bred inside the garden at the facility. The larvae hatched out of the eggs will be given to the Taketa Elementary School in return.

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