Donation to hearing dog association through vending machine

June 16, 2012

The vending machine for fund-raising was placed in front of the Japanese Hearing Dog Association office in Miyata-mura, Nagano Prefecture. When a drink is sold on the machine, a part of commission is donated to the association. It is the second set following Japan GE head office. (photo:

One of the major beverage manufacturers, Japan Pepsi-Cola Sale Co. located in Tokyo has began since June, 2012 as a part of philanthropy activities.

In the vending machine in front of the association, except the 500-ml soft drinks, a drink is sold for 100 yen, and if you buy one, 5 yen will go to the association.

The role of the hearing dog that tells household noises by touching a Deaf person is also introduced on the side of the vending machine in yellow polka dots, the image color of the association.

Japanese original article:


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