Deaf schools support deaf/HOH children from mainstream program

June 2, 2012

The "local support center" which offers services to help the deaf/hard-of-hearing (HOH) children in the local area was established in the Prefecture School for the Deaf Fukushima Branch School in Fukushima City.

The deaf/HOH children who attend a regular school and their parents/guardians visit the support center for consultation. Also the center provides advice to teachers in the mainstream program on how to instruct the deaf/HOH students, how to meet the needs of those with cochlea implant, etc.

The Prefecture School for the Deaf located in Kooriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture has 3 branch schools, each in Fukushima, Iwaki, and Aizuwakamatsu, all of which have set up the same support center in the current fiscal year.

There are 108 students from preschool through high school at the schools for the Deaf. The prefecture has about 300 children with hearing loss in mainstream programs. It is in the tendency that more children implanted with cochlea go to a regular school in ten years due to a development of the cochlea implant.

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