Deaf owner opens a cafe bar in a residential area in Tokyo

Yamamoto Kensuke (left) and
Koizumi Tomomi (right)   


June 13, 2012

On June 1, a cafe bar called "Huddle" opened in Sangenjaya, Tokyo. The owner is Yamamoto Kensuke (26) from Niigata Prefecture.

He says, "I tended to change a part-time job often. I have experienced in working part-time at tens of shops in four years since I graduated from university."

The housing of the said store was introduced by his acquaintance. When Kensuke went to see it just out of curiosity at first, he came to think that he would like to do business in the store by himself.

He invited Koizumi Tomomi, his classmate from the same prefecture who lived close,  and they started the cafe bar.

Since the cafe bar is surrounded by the private houses and there is no stores nearby, Kensuke also liked the location where customers might get relaxed.

Store area is about 4 tsubos (13.2 square meters) with four counters. Stand-up drinking is also available. Curry with different kinds of spice, vegetable sticks, three sorts of cheese are served.

Kensuke says, "I want to make my store a place where the visitors who want to meet someone may come here repeatedly."

Business hours: 19:00-24:00, sometimes 12:00-19:00. Closed on Monday.

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