Center for the Deaf to be established in Fukui Prefecture next year

June 25, 2012

Six organizations including the Fukui Welfare Association of the Deaf, aim at establishing the "Fukui Prefecture Center for the Deaf" in both Fukui and Tsuruga cities in Fukui Prefecture in April, next year.

The prefecture has been behind while many other prefectures have their own information dissemination facility of the same kind.

Sato Masahide-san (52), the association director, said that the establishment of such a center would unify communication services and functions which are scattered among the organizations, and hold out a hand to "the unnoticed Deaf persons."

About 3600 people have a hearing impairment card in the prefecture. However, the related organizations grasp the whereabouts of about 300 people who are mostly former students of the prefecture school for the Deaf. 

Since the list of persons owning the disability card is issued by the city/town office, to get the list is impossible from a viewpoint of personal information protection.

The Deaf person who has registered with the city/town office will be able to receive e-mail from the office on the disaster alarm. This system is not well known to the Deaf community. 

Organization officials said, "A center for the Deaf were established, the emergency drill for the Deaf community can be regularly arranged as business.
In addition to the sign language lecture, etc. which has been organized, we will develop a project to train human resources such as interpreters for the DeafBlind, etc.

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