Sweet rolls baked by Deaf workers for sale

The tourist visits and appraises bread and cookies.
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May 07, 2012

The bakery shop named "Onokoroya," which was opened in Sumoto-shi, Hyogo Prefecture in December, 2011 as a workplace for the Deaf, started manufacture and sale of bread following baked confectionery.

The closing hour was even extended, and the shop has been welcomed by local people and the persons on the way home from work. The bakery is sold out almost every day.

The shop is a branch office of the local activity support center which the Hyogo Prefecture Welfare Project Association of the Deaf runs.

After the old store that was out to business was remodeled with funding of the prefecture model project that promotes the reuse of old stores, the baked confectionery shop was opened first with three Deaf workers and two staff.

15 kinds of baked confectionery, such as cookie, a madeleine, a muffin, and a rusk, have been made for sale.

This time, to meet the request from local people for bread, a bean-jam bun, a bun with a cream filling, melon bread, a croissant, etc. are manufactured. These sell well.
Moreover, bread is also baked by order.

Business hours is 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. on Monday to Friday. On the 4th Fridays, the shop stands in the city office. Not only the workers but the people who visit the city hall purchase saying, "It seems to be delicious."

The shop manager Hashizume Kazunori (43) says, "we strive further to get our shop to contribute more to the community here. We provided training to the Deaf student who wanted to work. We are looking forward to more Deaf workers."

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