Prefecture governor to submit budget plan in support of hearing aid purchase

April 29, 2012

Yamaguchi Prefecture Governor has made the measure which supports hearing-aid expenses for the hard of hearing children who are not eligible for the physically handicapped persons' card.

He will submit a supplementary budget to the Prefecture Assembly regular meeting which is due to be opened in June.

The governor said, "Since I would like to solve a hearing-aid purchase problem during my term of office by August, I will strive to carry out as soon as possible."

According to the prefecture disabled persons support division, 11 prefectures, such as Okayama and Shimane Prefectures, have introduced the hearing-aid purchase subsidy.

For the most of the cases the hearing aid expense is split by the prefecture, towns/ villages, and the applicant, while a hearing aid costs about 30,000~140,000 yen for one ear.

The governor said, "the use of hearing aid  leads to improvement in linguistic competence or academic ability. I would like to discuss each town about the burden rate."

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