Policeman mistakes a suspect by writing with Deaf group

May 8, 2012

The Amagasaki Minami Police Station in Hyogo Prefecture announced on May 7 that it had mistaken the suspicion. It had arrested a man for offence in the night of May 6 on violence suspicion.

Three victims were all Deaf, and while the policeman was investigating to find out what happened by writing, he misunderstood the person who was attacked.

The police once released the suspect, and is hearing the situation from him.

According to the police, the policeman arrested the office worker (50) who grabbed a passing-by woman, one of the Deaf victims, by the front of her clothes at Japan Railroad Tachibana station in Amagasaki City on May 6 at 23:55. 

However, when the police reconfirmed on May 7, it turned out that it was one of two Deaf men who were together with the woman.

The suspect was drunk with alcohol on the day, and says that he accepts suspicion; "I am sorry very much."

The police is going to send the report to the prosecutor on his violence behavior against the three Deaf persons.

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