New group to promote understanding of cochlea implant in Okinawa

May 23, 2012

Watakuchi Jun (30), an office worker in Okinawa Prefecture, is working hard to form a group for cochlea-implanted persons, aiming at extending an understanding of cochlea implant and solving the related issues for the implanted.

Jun lost hearing at the age 17, and was tormented by various stress and fear as it was impossible for him to take communication well with people, to follow the classroom activities, etc.

Jun started to use the cochlea implant at the age 25, and even after he regained hearing, he has faced various problems, such as lack of understanding of the cochlea implant, a maintenance cost of apparatus, etc.

From his own experience with the cochlea implant, Jun hopes to support especially children's growth.

The group will be set up in July. As a part of the event, a lecture meeting will be held related to experiences of the implanted.

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