Hearing groupie for Deaf rubber-ball baseball team

May 3, 2012

The Kanagawa Prefecture Hiratsuka School for the Deaf rubber-ball baseball team in Hiratsuka City has a "groupie." He is called Yoshiki Teruhiro, 65, of Kamakura City.

He has also taken the nine's photograph with the digital camera which is his hobby while watching almost every game since four years ago.

Yoshiki served as the manager and the coach of the high school rubber-ball baseball team in the prefecture for ten or more years. He says, "The competition for a regular position was severe, and the teammates were cold and unfriendly."

He saw the practice of the School for the Deaf by chance, after having completed his term. He was impressed. "The Deaf students were single-minded and really enjoyed playing baseball."

Since then, Yoshiki has attracted to the Deaf baseball team which even didn't seem strong. He said, "Each teammate understands what he should do regardless of his disability."

He presents the guardian the photograph which he took and printed. In a practice game, he acts as a referee, and after a game he hits fungoes for fielding practice. Of course, he is all a volunteer.

"When I see these boys, I would like to do something more helpful." The groupie showed a big smile.

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