First woman trained for cormorant fishing in Aichi

Inayama Kotomi (left) studies a cormorant.

May 15, 2012

In Inuyama-shi, Aichi Prefecture, a hearing woman has began training in cormorant fishing on Kisogawa River.

If she were successful, she will be the first female for cormorant fishing with the tradition in a little more than 1300 years in the prefecture. She will be the 6th person in the whole country following Kyoto and Fukuoka Prefectures.

Inayama Kotomi (23) from Komaki-shi in the prefecture, worked in the pet shop store, after graduating from the vocational school where she studied the breeding method of an animal, etc. She passed the examination to become an expert on cormorant fishign by the tourist agency of Inuyama in April, 2012.

Kotomi is learning how to keep the cormorant facility clean, how to make a cormorant quiet by rubbing its throat under the instruction of the experienced cormorant fisherman.

To treat a cormorant professionally in fishing usually takes for about three years. Under the leadership of an expert, Kotomi is going to study how to treat a cormorant on the river in June.

She said, "When explaining cormorant fishing on the boat, to get many people to see, I would like to propose using a picture-card show and sign language."

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