Deaf students go on school trip in Okinawa Prefecture

Deaf students enjoy dancing with the local residents in Okinawa.

May 4, 2012

The sign language cafe "Kukuru" ("True Heart" in Okinawan dialect) located in Okinawa Prefecture in the southern island of Japan has offered both the Deaf community and hearing people a place where they work together.

On April 25, four high school seniors of the Nara Prefecture School for the Deaf participated in the welcome party which the cafe owner Higa Takao (52) and staff set up with the local residents and customers. The Deaf students enjoyed dances in sign language, folk dances, etc. which were the pleasant recollections of experience for their trip.

Higa's wife Mayumi (46) lost hearing because of a German measles when she was a child. He usually exchanges information with persons with disabilities across the country through his blog. He had a request about lunch arrangement from the School for the Deaf. He wanted to hold the luncheon which the students would remember well, and made a plan with his staff. 

All the participants danced finale together. The students said, "We really had a good time with the friendly Okinawan people here. We surely will remember forever in the whole life."

The teacher who led the student group mentioned, "I had came here for preliminary check in February and thought at least having the meal at the cafe was enough for our trip. We are indeed moved with Mr. Higa's and others' warm kindness".

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