Deaf student winning a poem contest for two years

Ayagaki Aoi says, "I would continue to enjoy the music which is not only sound"

May 16, 2012

The volunteer organization "Nara Dandelion Club" will host an annual music festival every year to promote expression activities regardless of disability.

The poem by a Kumamoto School for the Deaf junior Ayagaki Aoi (17) from Hita-shi, Kumamoto Prefecture, was accepted again by the poem contest for the music festival. 

Hers was one of eight poems accepted out of 452 poems from the whole country. Aoi was surprised and said with her brightened eyes, "I would be glad if my poem is written for music."

Her work, titled "Something important for protection," appeals her thought of the sign language that she treasures. A Deaf person feels a sense of powerlessness from the uneasiness because of deafness, but feels joy
when conversation can be taken through sign language as "light of hope."

Aoi was recommended by her friend, who knew she has dreamed to take up musical work in future, to write a poem by herself, and she began writing a poem when she was in the 11th grade.

Aoi is working on the "sign language song" which tells words by sign language with music or arranges a dance signing.

She hopes she can dance with sign language on the stage at the music festival, scheduled for the end of July, 2012 in Nara Prefecture, if music written for her poem passed the composition contest.

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