Deaf student to participate in National High School Baseball Championship Okinawa convention

May 26, 2012

The National High School Baseball Championship Okinawa convention will open in June, 2012.

The Japan High School Baseball Federation Board accepted that Teruya Akira (17), a Okinawa High School for the Deaf senior, as a member of the Central Agriculture-Forestry High School baseball team to participate in the local convention in Okinawa Prefecture. 

Although Akira attends the mainstream program in the Central Agriculture-Forestry High School and is a baseball teammate, he is not officially registered with the school, so he is not on the baseball player registration.

Neither the school for the Deaf belongs to the Federation, nor it has a baseball club. So Akira has not been able to play representing both the schools.

It is the first case in the whole country that a Deaf student is accepted to play baseball officially. The judgment of the Federation gives a dream and hope to the Deaf students who play baseball in the similar environment not only within the prefecture but also in the whole country.

Efforts of both the schools were great and Federation officials also explored possibility positively.

When the Kitashiro School for the Deaf baseball teammates and others, wanting to play a match against hearing students in Okinawa Prefecture, cleared various hurdles and achieved to join the Federation in the beginning of the 1980s. Although the summer convention was final, and the baseball team was dissolved less than three years, it became the nationwide topic of attention and their story became a movie and comics.

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