Deaf person selected as leader of watchdog group on disability discrimination in Kumamoto

May 23, 2012

In Kumamoto Prefecture in the southern island of Japan which aims at dissolution of the discriminating problems to persons with disabilities, the "Disability Discrimination Ordinance" was enacted from the current fiscal year.

To supervise whether this ordinance is being employed appropriately, the voluntary association "Kumamoto Disability Forum" was  inaugurated.

The prefecture will be asked for an improvement if the forum that consists of 29 disability organizations in the prefecture finds a problem.

The forum establishment meeting was held in Kumamoto City on May 19, and Matsunaga Akira (74), managing director of the Prefecture Welfare Association of the Deaf, was elected as the representative.

He said, "We would like to aim at the society by which a person with disability is esteemed as a person."

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