Deaf man writes a novel based on his experience


May 10, 2012

Suzuki Yoshio (76) of Higashi-Yamato-shi, Tokyo who lost hearing at the age of three finished writing the novel titled "Deaf Struggle in War of JSL and Oralism"(an English tentative title)based on his early life (1,155 yen, 168 pages).

The publisher Bungeisha located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo and others say that it might be very rare that a Deaf person writes a novel.

Yoshio saw the Japanese film titled "Nameless, Poor and Beautiful" about the way of a life of the Deaf after the end of the war in 1945 when he was in the 30's.

He was impressed with the movie, saying "The movie shows very well about the Deaf." However, he thought that if a Deaf person expressed something about the Deaf by himself, it would be more real.

Even if Yoshio reached his 70's, the thought never disappeared, and he decided that he would write by himself.

The book goes along with the writer's own experience: about his family who were forced into separation by the outbreak of the Pacific War, the days he spent alone in the dormitory as a boy, the recollections of mother and younger sister who lost life in the middle of the homecoming from old Manchuria (the present China northeast area), father who returned from the old Soviet Union, etc.

Yoshio tried hard to recall several events in his past, which he wove into a story as a fiction. He says, "I want the Deaf to think that they can challenge anything."

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