Deaf lawyer gives a lecture in Okinawa Prefecture

Tamon Hiroshi, a Deaf lawyer, talks about his job, etc.

May 15, 2012

A born-Deaf lawyer Tamon Hiroshi gave a presentation at the lecture meeting the night of May 12, cosponsored by the Okinawa Prefecture Miyakojima City Disability Welfare Division and the Miyakojima Society of the Deaf.

Hiroshi spoke in sign language about his life under the title "My steps to becoming a lawyer." After attending the school for the Deaf,  later the hearing high school in Chiba Prefecture and studied at the university in Tokyo. He finally passed the bar examination after the 8th time of try.

Hiroshi explained why he aimed to become a lawyer. "I was from a fatherless family and  interested in social welfare as I had seen how difficult it was for my mother to support our family life, so I had wanted to help the socially weak."

He had a turning point after having read the newspaper article that a hard of hearing person became a lawyer when he was a junior high school student.

"In the article the new lawyer said that he wanted to help weak persons. It inspired me to become a lawyer even if I was Deaf. I was not confident myself, but I decided I would try."

Hiroshi explained his job as a lawyer. "I deal with a debt problem many times. Only 10 percent of my work hours is devoted to the court, and many hours for an interview with the client and desk work, etc."

Hiroshi's presentation interpreted apparently impressed the audience with his life long mission.

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