Deaf golf conference held in Mie

May 18, 2012

"The 2012 Japan Deaf Golf Opening" was held in the Tsu country club at Tsu-shi, Mie Prefecture.

The event was for the final selection of the national team members of the "9th World Deaf Golf Championship" which will be held on the golf course in October, 2012. Sixty-seven Deaf  players joined the event.

Masanori Kojima, chairman of the board of directors of the Japanese Deaf Gold Association, showed enthusiasm, saying "although the 3-11 Great East Japan Earthquake affected our community, we opted for holding the event in the spirit that Japan does its best."

The World Deaf Golf Championship is held  every two years since 1996. The 9th Championship will be the first Asia holding, October 5-13, 2012, with the players from 17 countries expected to compete.

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