Booklet on sign language vocabulary including signed dialect

Fukushima Koichi explains that the booklet will make beginners as well as an experienced learner enjoy reading.

May 21, 2012

Koichi Fukushima (61), adviser to the sign language circle of Echizen in Fukui Prefecture, made a booklet (A4-size, 282 pages) on the sign language vocabulary which anyone can learn to sign easily.

Fukushima who has studied sign language for 43 years said, "I want many people to learn how deep the sign language is."

According to him, the national sports meet for physically handicapped persons held in 1968 was the opportunity for more sign-language interpreters in the prefecture. About ten persons interpreted at the opening ceremony for the first time in the whole country, and these people made many sign language circles in the prefecture.

The new booklet includes not only dialect of sign language accepted in the specific local area but also how the noted products of Echizen City are expressed.

Since the sign language has been unified with its spread nationally, the locally signed dialect decreased.

Fukushima says, "the tradition of the area and hardships of predecessors serve as a backdrop in which signs were produced. We need to preserve them as a cultural heritage."

He is creating the second volume that incorporates new signs and more signed dialects.

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