Aged disaster victims to move into new public housing in Fukushima

May 10, 2012

The first apartment residence was completed in Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture to accommodate disaster victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. The ceremony to deliver the key was held on May 9.

The American major chemistry company, "Dow Chemical" which has a factory in the city built the new apartment, which was presented to the city.

This apartment which accepts 12 households is a housing facility for the disaster elderly people who move in through their makeshift house.

Kawanishi Satsuki (82) who is deaf and his wife Tomiko (80) have lost their house by tsunami and will move in on May 11.

Tomiko has learned about the housing building plan that nursing care services would be available for her husband and became interested in it.

She visited the construction site about 13 times, wishing she would be able to live with her husband here. She is now pleased with the start of a new life.

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