Survey: only half of the DeafBlind go out less than once a week

April 22, 2012

The Hyogo Prefecture Information Center for the Deaf in Kobe City conducted a survey in 2010 to find out the actual situation of 639 DeafBlind residents, to which 113 men and 145 women answered. The percent of those aged 65 and over was 78% of the respondents.

A result of the survey showed that only a half of the DeafBlind residents go out once or less once a week in the prefecture.

Also, only a half of them communicate with their family or friends less than one hour a day. It became clear that almost all of them hardly meet with others, and tend to shut themselves in the house, etc.

Such a survey at a prefecture level is the first kind, and the center appeals more support for the daily activities of the DeafBlind residents.

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