A Story of deaf woman's childbirth published

April 19, 2012

As a series of the magazine "I LOVE Mother" June issue titled "Thank you for choosing me as your mother. I am happy to meet you,"  the childcare document of the deaf single mother was published.

A single mother Kitada Kozue (25) was found to be deaf at the age of one year and five months. She lipreads with a hearing aid.

It was after Kozue parted her boyfriend when she learned about her own pregnancy. Although she was afraid of deaf heredity and child-rearing, she decided to have a baby even though he would be a fatherless child.

During childbirth, Kozue had to remove her hearing-aid and checked the timing to push the infant out by written communication with the medical staff.

When she heard the crying voice of the baby for the first time just after he was born her eyes were with tears of gratitude. There was also no deaf heredity in her child.

Only Kozue lives in fear of her own hearing that gradually loses every year. However, she is living positively, teaching her son sign language.

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