Sign language materials distributed to driving schools

April 23, 2012

The Deaf persons, who are unable to hear the sound of a horn even if a hearing-aid were used, have acquired the driver's license of the subcompact only. They will be allowed to drive a track, a motorcycle, etc. from April, 2012.

Expecting that more Deaf persons will enter a driving school to get the new driver's license, the headquarters of Saitama Prefecture Police recently made the sign language materials for the instructors at a driving school.

The materials in a form of DVD cover the signed simple greeting, the sign vocabulary related to acquisition of the license, the possible conversation exchanged in the training of the motorcycle, etc.

The sign language DVD was distributed to the driving schools, etc. within the prefecture. According to the headquarters of Saitama Prefecture Police, such a move is the first in the whole country.

They said, "We will do our best to meet the need of the Deaf candidate appropriately in getting their license."

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