DVD developed for company to support Deaf/hard of hearing workers

(photo: http://mainichi.jp/) 

April 20, 2012

The Postsecondary Education Programs Network-Japan (PEPNet-Japan) developed DVD which introduces the tips on how the company supports Deaf/hard of hearing employees.

Although the Deaf/hard of hearing persons who found a job at a company after graduation are increasing in number, it has been said that they have a hard time to communicate with their hearing coworkers, which is one of the reasons for their high unemployment rate.

The network is appealing to the companies by saying, "We hope they make more accessible environment for the Deaf/hard of hearing persons to work efficiently."

In DVD, one of the examples is introduced;  a new Deaf employee misses or misunderstands the deadline of the data development which the boss directs.

Since the Deaf/hard of hearing person lipreads in many cases to see what is said, the company is advised that the hearing workers speak clearly and slowly, and/or that they give the Deaf/hard of hearing coworker the important main point by writing.

The network staff explained, "the company people, not knowing that the Deaf/hard of hearing workers may fail some important point, believe that they make many mistakes, or that they do not accomplish anything. Meanwhile, the Deaf/hard of hearing workers should clearly tell that they need support because of deafness."

About 2000 copies of DVD will be distributed to the universities/colleges or companies free of charge.

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