Deaf skiers compete in Alpine skiing game in Nagano

March 27, 2012

The 2012 Japan-Paralympics Alpine Skiing Game was held for four days from March 22 in Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture, a part of central Japan.

The game was canceled due to the influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake last year, and it was the first time in two years.

This game was the only chance at home for the skiers who have to gain the point of IPC (International Paralympic Committee) for the eligibility to the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia.

Deaf skiers also participated in the game under the category of "D" (deaf). They were on the national team for the Deaflympics in Slovakia which was suddenly canceled. Being deaf is not recognized as a disability in sports, so the Deaf/hard of hearing athletes are not part of the Paralympics.

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